Room Additions


Premium Remodeling maintains a high standard when it comes to room additions. Because we do them so regularly, we have perfected our methods, use only the highest quality building materials from recognized manufactures and seamlessly blend your new addition into your existing structure.  This attention to detail is why we are called upon most. 

What is the first step?  It is important to confirm the zoning laws and building codes of your area to determine if your addition can be built.  Beyond the usual limitations such as budget and space, not following zoning and code requirements can delay or even derail your construction project.  Premium Remodeling takes the hassle out of the construction process by finding this information on your behalf.  Once zoning is established, we can then take the next steps in finding the right design for your budget and family needs.

We work with our clients to help them find the right addition that will benefit not only their current need, but will prove valuable if and when they decide to sell their home.  And instead of purchasing a new home due to needing more space, Premium Remodeling can help determine if a simple addition can solve your needs, in turn saving you the elevated costs that come from purchasing a new home.

When working with Premium Remodeling we provide:

  • Safe, secure and properly managed work site.
  • Highly skilled and trained technicians and builders
  • Custom construction and pre-designed construction options
  • Garage and patio conversions and extensions
  • Free estimate during a consultation with our design team

From consultation, explanation of services to design and building; Premium Remodeling can help you arrive at the addition that fits all your needs.  Plumbing, electrical design and installation, paint and interior design suggestions are all part of our complete package.  Our consistency in providing a high quality of service and professionalism is what sets us apart from the other companies out there.


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