Hazard substance


We often think our home is safe and sound. What we don’t realize is that our home can be host to a myriad of invaders that we sometimes can’t see.  If you have purchased an older home, chances are it could have dangerous carcinogens such as asbestos or lead.  Many old homes were built before builders knew the dangers they harbor.  Not all of these homes get properly inspected for the presence of these substances prior to sale.  Premium Remodeling has trained technicians to inspect for these substances.  We can offer suggestions for removal and how to deal with them.

Water damage, mold, allergens, these are issues every homeowner has had to deal with. Mildew and mold can show up at any time.  Pipe leaks, bad insulation, old windows and lack of ventilation are all causes of these issues.  Let the professionals take a look and help you determine a plan of action to eliminate these hazards; leaving your home clean, safe and comfortable!

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