Bathroom Remodeling


More so than Kitchen remodels, Bathroom remodeling is one of the of the most requested construction services.  Making changes to your current bathroom, whether big or small can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your home.  In fact, it can even add value to the overall equity of your home. 

Typical bathroom remodels consist of fixture and appliance upgrades such as new tubs, showers, commodes as well as sink upgrades and vanity additions. As our needs change, our bathroom should change as well.  Premium Remodeling takes it a step further by providing space saving tips such as storage construction, changing the layout of the bathroom and even offer interior design suggestions and décor ideas. 

When you work with Premium Remodeling, you know you are working with a company that gets you connected with architectural engineers and installation technicians who know how to bring your ideas to life while eliminating inflated and unexpected costs, stress, delays and confusion.

Premium Remodeling offers complete services; from plumbing and electrical installations to working with the city to acquire the necessary permits and zoning information.  We follow all the codes to ensure that your new bathroom will last and provide service and enjoyment for years to come!

Premium Remodeling can do the following:

  • Fully trained and competent construction crews
  • Free consultation and estimate of your construction project

Guaranteed completion within the time frame quoted.

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